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About Us

Welcome to the sarishop. We want to show off the saris of India, not just because they are beautiful, entrancing, a length of cloth that can be glamorous beyond belief, or humble and plain. We are struck with the SHEER VARIETY of handloom cloth that is still being produced in this modern world.

Woman in sari at Konarak temple Orissa

Melinda at Konarak Sun Temple in Orissa.

Many of the pieces I carry are hard to come by. I really go out of my way to get the obscure stuff, to sleuth out new things I've never seen, learn about them and share what I learn. There is no other cloth on earth as widely varied in style, ornamental structure, fiber qualities, weave, print or embellishment technique as the Indian sari.

Why shop at Sarisafari's Sarishop?

If you compare Sarisafari with other sites selling sarees on the internet, you'll see many differences. The Sari Safari Sarishop is structured region by region with a mind boggling variety and selection. I hand select each and every piece out of thousands - distilling the selection to the most beautiful and harmonious of each style.

The Sarishop is not just a store, it's a learning experience and a travel story! My mission with this venture is to preserve the weaving traditions of India. They are enough to sustain a fabric junkie for a lifetime.

The Sarishop is for sale!

Melinda has been at this job since 1998, and is now on the verge of retiring. I know many will be sad to see me go - but more importantly - is anyone ready to take up the business and carry on with this life of textile adventuring?

Many people say that this would be their dream job: to travel to India, to visit weavers, major markets, wholesellers - and pick out a beautiful collection of sarees, to manage a web store, do trunk shows, etc. Is this your idea of a dream job? Please contact me using the contact us form and we will find terms to proceed. I am interested in the sarishop carrying on its mission.

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