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Shipping & Returns

We ship priority mail to all locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe only. We don't ship sarees back to India. Sarisafari is physically located in Sammamish WA, United States. All shipments within the US usually arrive within two to five working days after ordering. We ship your order immediately upon receipt.

Shipping and handling charges are based on weight and come to between $7 to $10 for the first sari, and goes down from there, depending on destination and weight. Orders placed before 10am will go out that day and will be delivered next day to most US locations. Those rates will be calculated at checkout.

If you are ordering a small item, like a pattern or an accessory, you can chose the flat rate envelope in the shipping options. The medium flat rate box will hold 3 to 5 sarees, depending on their bulk. The large flat rate box will hold 6 to 10 sarees, feel free to chose that option if you are ordering in bulk.

If you are ordering from outside the US please use the global priority mail or global express mail options that will appear after you type in your address. There is a calculate shipping option once you have put something in your basket.

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