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A checkered border, ikat motifs on the body and a running stitch like weave across the entire fabric are the hallmarks of a Dubakka handwoven saree. While Dubakka is an ikat weave just like Pochampally from Andhra Pradesh is, Pochampally weavers create ikat motifs both along the warp and the weft of the the field of the fabric, whereas ikat designs are created only along the weft in a Dubakka weave.

The economy of motif is also the core of its elegance. Soft colors and dreamy ikat motifs contrasted with a dressed up, neat and tidy checkered border moves you at a visceral level. If this weave was a narration, it would tell you about its glorious past when it highly sought after and clothed millions of Indian women for years. If this weave was a report, it would also tell you that it has seen 125 weaver deaths either due to suicide or starvation in the last few years. If this weave was text, it would tell you that the weavers store a cyanide like substance in their home at all times, that they believe, will put them out of their misery quickly.

Let's give the story of Dubakka a happy ending. Let's keep those looms running. Dubakka sarees will always be in stock at the shop.

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